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Internet cafe and Manga kissa FAQ


  • What types of seats are available in an Internet cafe?

    There are mainly 3 types of seats. It depends on the cafe which types of seats it has.
    1. Open seat: There is no partition and you sit right next to other customers.
    2. Single Booth: A seat is surrounded by partitions like a compartment and you cannot see people sitting next to you.
    3. Pair Booth: Seats are surrounded by partitions like a compartment, which is wide enough for two or more people.

  • What is a flat seat?

    It is a matted-seat where you take off your shoes to go in. It is placed in a single booth and pair booth. As there is no chair in it, the booth feels wider and you can lie down, which is good for taking a nap. Cushions and legless chairs are usually placed in flat seat booths. Some cafes call these seats mat seats or tatami seats.

  • What is a comic seat?

    It is a seat without a PC, and it is for reading comic books and magazines. It is usually an open seat and is less expensive than other seats.


  • What is the fee structure of an Internet café like?

    Generally, there are some choices.
    1. Flat Rate System: You pay for the period of time you stay in the cafe. (ex. 400yen per hour)
    2: Package Rate System: You purchase a package with a certain amount of time when you enter the cafe. (ex. 3 hour package for 1,000yen) For time extention, you pay an extra fee based on the flat rate per hour or minute.
    3. Free Time System: You can stay in the cafe as long as you want with a fixed rate within the hours specified as free time. (ex. Free time from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m. for 1,500yen) Please note that this system is not always available.

  • How much are the typical rates?

    It depends on the area. Some examples are hourly rate of 400yen, 3 hour package for 1,000yen, 7 hour night package for 1,800yen, and 10 hour night package for 2,200 yen.

  • Do I need my identification to use an Internet café?

    Many Internet cafes require your identification. In Tokyo, your ID is required by local regulation to use the Internet. Other prefectures also increasingly require your identification to use Internet cafes for security consideration.

  • Do I need a membership card for each cafe?

    Basically, you can use the same membership card for the cafes under the same chain. Some chains, however, require separate membership cards for each cafe.

  • Are there any initial membership fees?

    It depends on the cafe. In some cases, membership cards have expiration dates and you need to pay annual fees. Please note that the system may differ among cafes even under the same chain.

  • Is the pair seat fee charged on per-booth basis or per-person basis?

    The pair seat fee is charged on per-person basis. This is because there are many services available outside the booth such as soft drinks, comic books and other amusements. It also applies to the triple booth and family booth fees.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    There are not yet many cafes which accept credit cards. An increasing number of cafes, however, accept Edy and Suica in the areas around Tokyo.

  • Is there any package for staying a whole day?

    There are not many cafes offering a 24 hour package. In many cases, you can buy two 12 hour packages and use them in a row. In this case, you need to settle the bill once when the first package ends.

  • If I plan to buy a package, do I need to decide and say which package to use when I enter a cafe?

    In many cafes, you have to make clear which package to use when you enter if you plan to use a package. Once you do that, you cannot switch packages later. Some cafes have a charging system which automatically switches packages to make the charges cheapest. It may be a good idea to use the system if it's available.

  • Can minors including junior high and high school students use an Internet café?

    Many cafes take in customers regardless of their age except during late night hours. There are, however, some cafes which don't accept junior high and high school students, minors, and those in school uniforms in rare cases.

  • If I stay just a little longer than the time set in my package, will I be charged an extra fee?

    Basically, you have to pay an extra fee if you stay just one second longer than the designated hours. There are, however, some cafes offering a few minutes of “safe time”. As the “safe time” is offered for costomers waiting in a checkout line in case the cashier is crowded, it may not apply to other cases.

  • Can I move to another type of seat during my stay in an Internet café?

    You can most probably move to another seat if you ask a staff member with your pay slip. If the booth you want is not available, you need to reserve it. In case you move to a booth with a different fee, you may have to settle the bill once. If you have purchased a package and wish to move to another booth, you may be asked to move to a booth with a higher fee. It's always a good idea to check with a staff member before changing seats.

  • Can I leave a cafe temporarily and come back?

    Some cafes do not allow customers to leave temporarily and come back later. They may, however, allow you to leave and come back if you make payments before leaving. If you have already paid for a package, they will most likely to let you leave for a while as long as you let a staff member know.

  • Can I enter a cafe before the time a night package starts?

    If a night package starts at 10 p.m. but you want to enter a booth before that, you can enter a cafe, paying fees to stay until 10 p.m. and then switch to a night package at 10 p.m. You would have to settle the bill once at 10 p.m. in many cases.


  • Are pair seats available in every cafe?

    Many cafes have pair seats. Some have triple booths and family booths where 3 or more people can go in together. It depends on the area whether the cafe has booths for many people. Typically, single seats are in higher demand in business areas, while booths for many people are in higher demand in downtown.

  • Is there a non-smoking area in an Internet café?

    Although it's hard to find cafes which totally prohibit smoking, an increasing number of cafes have a non-smoking floor in light of the antismoking movement in recent years.

  • Are there mobile phone battery chargers in an Internet cafe?

    Most cafes under major chains have battery chargers for mobile phones. Some cafes rent them out for free and others have paid battery chargers. If you bring your own battery charger, you can plug it in at your booth. The battery chargers at the cafes may work for game consoles such as Nintendo DS as well as mobile phones.

  • Can I bring in my own PC and connect it to the Internet?

    An increasing number of cafes offer wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection, where you can connect your own PC wirelessly to the Internet. On the other hand, most cafes do not allow customers to connect their own PCs to the Internet by wireline connection with a LAN cable. There is a chance, though, that you may be allowed to do so if you ask a staff member.

  • Can I print a website?

    Most cafes offer printing service. Printing prices usually vary from 10 to 50 yen per page for black and white printing in size A4. About the availability of color printing and other paper sizes, please check with each café.

  • Are there video games in an Internet café?

    There are video games in Internet cafes, but not in all the booths. Video games are set only in pair booths and family booths in some cases, or they are rented upon request in other cases.

  • Can I use a USB memory stick and CD-R?

    You can use them in many cafes. USB memory sticks and CD-Rs are often sold at a cashier counter in a cafe. There are, however, some cafes which prohibit their use for security reasons.

  • Can I play an online game which is not on an official website?

    It depends. In some cases, official websites only post licensed online games. If they don’t require license privilege, you may be able to play online games which are not on official websites.

  • Can I watch TV in my booth?

    There are usually TVs in the booths. There are booths, however, only with PCs and not with a TV. If you want to watch TV, let a staff member know when you enter a café.

  • How do I search a comic book I want to read?

    You can find a computer terminal for searching books in some cafes. You may be able to search on the café website. If you don’t know how to find a book, just ask a staff member.

  • Can I check and send emails?

    You can do that by accessing a webmail using a browser. Please take all possible measures for security.

  • Are there any cafes which have Mac computers?

    There are only few cafes with Mac computers, one or none in each prefecture.

  • What can I do in an Internet café other than using the Internet and reading comic books?

    You can enjoy a variety of services, including playing pool and table tennis, singing karaoke, and doing laundry. You can also enjoy soft drinks and a large selection of magazines.

  • Can I install a game?

    You cannot install a game in Internet cafes. There would be serious security problems if customers can install software to the computers, except for software that can be used only by downloading. If you really need to install a software, you could try asking a staff member. But please be aware that you usually cannot do that.

  • Is there any place I can smoke outside a booth?

    Cafes with mostly non-smoking booths may have a smoking area.


  • What is the difference between an Internet café and cafes where you can read comic books and use the Internet?

    The system of Internet cafés is different from that of general cafes. Internet cafes have compartment-like seats called “booth” and usually charge customers based on the length of time they stay. They boast a variety of seats including café seats, open seats, massage seats, flat seats, and reclining seats. They also offer a large selection of services as well as comic books and the Internet connection.

  • Won't I be seen by other people in a private booth?

    A booth is like a compartment and is surrounded by partitions of a certain height. While the height of partitions varies among cafes, a tall person could look inside a booth by coming close to the partition. Recently, there are more booths with windows and booths without a partition at the back due to concerns about misconduct.

  • Can I stay over night in an Internet cafe?

    Many cafes open 24 hours a day. While it is not the same as lodging at a hotel, you can stay over night.

  • Do Internet cafes provide alcoholic beverages?

    Some do and some don't. While there are some cafes selling alcoholic beverages, there are also cafes which ban bringing in alcoholic beverages or drinking alcohol in the cafes.

  • Can I bring in and watch a DVD?

    You can watch a DVD in an Internet café. If you don’t know how, please ask a staff member.

  • What is the difference between an Internet café and a manga café?

    While the difference is whether the cafe focuses on Internet contents or on comic books and magazines, basically they are the same. In fact, there are many cafes which call themselves both, and also many which call themselves complex cafes, amusement cafes, and cyber cafes.

  • Does it get completely dark if I turn off the light in a private booth?

    It depends on the cafe. In some cafes with dim lights, it becomes very dark when you turn off the light in your booth. On the other hand, there are cafes which are very bright day and night.

  • Is it quiet in an Internet café?

    While it is quiet in atmospheric cafes, it is not so quiet in cafes often visited by a big group of customers. Though Internet cafes basically don’t have restriction on talking, staff members may give a warning to noisy customers if they are too noisy at night.

  • Can I have a nice sleep in my booth?

    It’s almost impossible to sleep well in an Internet café. You might feel uneasy with noise and light. In a case a cafe plays background music on loud at night, you would need earplugs. If you want to take a nap in an Internet café, you would need to check the condition beforehand.

  • Would it be all right to snore in a cafe?

    If it is too loud, other customers would make a complaint and a staff member would wake you up. You might want to use anti-snoring devices if you want to take a nap.

  • Can I enter an Internet café in a school uniform?

    You can enter many of Internet cafes in a school uniform. There are actually many students coming to play online games and pool.

  • Should I make a complaint directly to an annoying customer?

    Please refrain from complaining directly to other customers in order to avoid troubles. You can ask a staff member to give a warning to them or you can move to another booth to get away if you find annoying customers who keep the same comic book for a long time, who snore loudly, who make loud noises, and who try to peek into your seat, etc.


  • Can I come in only to take a shower?

    You can take a shower in most cafes if you have entered on a flat rate or a package rate. It depends on the cafe if you have to pay for taking a shower. In some cases, you would have to pay for a towel even if taking a shower is free. In that case, you can bring your own towel, and you don't have to pay for it.

  • Is there a hair dryer in a shower room?

    A hair dryer may be placed in a shower room, or you may need to rent it. Please ask a staff member when you make a request to take a shower.

  • Are towels and shampoos provided in a cafe with shower rooms?

    All the cafes with shower rooms have towels and shampoos. It depends on the cafe if they are free or charged. A staff member will give you instruction before you use a shower room.

  • Do I have to pay for taking a shower?

    There are a few types of the way how the shower charged.
    1. The shower fee is included in the booth fee and you don’t have to pay separately for taking a shower.
    2. You don’t have to pay for taking a shower, but you have to pay for towels and shampoos. (If you bring in your towels, you don’t have to pay.)
    3. You have to pay for taking a shower, and towels and shampoos are included in the shower fee.


  • Can I use a curling iron?

    In many cafes, you can use a curling iron. Some cafes with many female customers rent out curling irons or have powder rooms.

  • Are there any Internet café exclusively for women?

    There is no cafe exclusively for women. There are, however, many cafes with female-only area.

  • Does it stand out if a woman uses an Internet café alone?

    As many female customers visit Internet cafes for a business purpose or on their way home from work in recent years, there are increasingly more cafes with services for women. You wouldn't stand out in those cafes.


  • Are Microsoft Word and Excel available at Internet cafes?

    Available software and versions differ among cafes. You would need to check with the cafe if they have Office software. There are cafes which don’t have Microsoft software but have OpenOffice and others. Though these software are somewhat compatible with one another, they are not perfectly compatible, and there may arise some problems.

  • Is there any cafe where I can use PowerPoint?

    There are many cafes which offer MS Word and Excel but do not offer PowerPoint. You are more likely to find cafes with PowerPoint in the business area and near universities.


  • Is there a self-service drink area (so-called drink bar) in an Internet café?

    Many cafes have a self-service drink area. Most cafes provide drink for free, while there are some which charge an extra fee (ex. 100 yen) for using a self-service drink area.

  • Can I order food in an Internet café?

    There are some cafes where you can order hot meals and there are others where you can buy light meals such as cup noodles.

  • Can I bring in some food?

    As many cafes provide food, it may not be appropriate for customers to bring in some food. Please check with the cafe beforehand.

  • Can I order some food in from outside?

    Some cafes provide in booths menus of izakaya bars, noodle shops, and cafes they are affiliated with. If it's not the case, you cannot order in some food from outside.